100% Unprocessed Brazilian Kinky Curly Human Hair Bundles

This is some of the best hair I’ve ever gotten, especially for the price range. The brazilian hair bundles are very thick at the deft and full. You get alot of hair per bundle. You most like will have hair left over, which is a plus since you can always use it later.

The closure is a nice blend as well. I point this out mostly because most times when I get closures after about a month I notice the closure was manipulated more and ends up matting and turning unmanageable. It’s also pretty low maintenance.

A bit of water and leave in conditioner before you walk out the door,shake,and your ready to go. I will definitely buy again.

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Unprocessed 100% Human Hair Bundles with Closure Brazilian Virgin Human Hair

I’m so impressed with this brazilian hair.It’s soft,curly,true to description,and I haven’t noticed any shedding so far but I’ve only had it one day.I have 18”,16″,14″&12″ closure.I love my fullness and this hair is much more full than expected but I recommend 4 bundles only if you wanna keep it curly.If you want to wear it straight most of the time I’d recommend 3 bundles.

I was planning on wearing it straight but now I’m just going to make another order for 3 more bundles so that I can have another unit specifically to style straight. But overall I love the human hair bundles&communication with the seller.

She was tracking every step of the way and kept contacting me to make sure everything was okay,even after I got the hair.I would recommend to anyone.For the closure the knots are very noticeable and dark. I didn’t bother to bleach I just used makeup to try to cover the knots and it worked fine for me and I did a bit of plucking. Excellent hair.

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8A Unprocessed Brazilian Virgin Body Wave Human Hair One Bundles

Ok I am very skeptical about buying hair online but I wanted something that would come to me quickly. So I searched and searched and ran across this hair it was a great deal . I purchase the product it arrived perfectly on time it was wrapped beautifully in a box individual bags and it came with some free eyelashes you can’t beat that deal anywhere.

The brazilian hair is very thick and soft and I’m glad I didn’t get a 4th bundle three was more than enough with the closure. Okay I don’t know much about here so I let my stylist put the hair in and turned out it was the wrong color which it came in its natural color but that’s something I missed. So the next day I got the hair and imtge dye didn’t even stay on 30 minutes and it was already the color I wanted it to be. The hair has very little shedding. This hair is absolutely beautiful I love it I will make sure to order again from net!

I’ve had this brazilian virgin hair in 2 months this is my third wash this hair is absolutely beautiful if anybody asks me I always tell them exactly where I got this hair from this hair is gorgeous the best I’ve ever purchased. Just giving compliments where compliments are due.

brazilian hair uk

Remy Brazilian Virgin Body Wave Human Hair Bundles

This was my first time purchasing from this company kbeth hair and I’m not disappointed at all. I was a little nervous on how the brazilian hair would turn out but as soon as I opened the package I was obsessed. The hair is amazingly thicker than I thought and didn’t have a smell at all which is a plus.

I bought body wave 22 24 26, this price is very perfect . The hair is so soft and definitely isn’t fake. The ends aren’t as thin as I thought also. They also have free eyelashes which was mink hair and very cute. Their closure is also very natural looking since it’s a free part but I will be bleaching the knots for a more natural look.

I’m so excited to install the brazilian virgin hair I’ll post pictures once it happens. The hair also is an off black with some lighter colored strands which makes it more natural looking. I’ll definitely buy from this company again!!!

brazilian hair uk

Blowing Straight Human Hair 3 Bundles with Frontal Brazilian Virgin Hair

Let’s start by saying I NEVER write reviews. But So far, I am really satisfied with this brazilian hair bundles. I’ve ordered from other “virgin hair” vendors across net, mainly because of the price and the quickness it arrives (prime shipping) instantly this hair is my favorite. I was super skeptical about ordering at first!

Not to mention my package got “lost” and was undeliverable for a moment, it was so much going on that discouraged me about this hair but it ended up being delivered the same day! But the hair bundles uk is really great! I have 26,24,22 with a 20inch closure. So far it’s my second day of install, it hasn’t shed at all to be honest, I brush it and no strands come out, even after bleaching my closure!

The hair took the bleach very well. The smell is not strong but it’s like all virgin hair that I’ve ever encountered. I will come back to give an updated review in about two weeks. This is actually Brazilian hair and it’s high quality for an amazing price! I wanted 26 inches of hair but I did not want to pay $400+ for it. This will now be the only vendor on net I order from!

Brazilian Virgin Hair Body Wave Hair Weave 3 Bundles

I color this hair each time with great results! I do not bleach this hair. I use box color many of them have a color booster packet to mix with the hair color. Bleaching all the expensive hair I have bought in the past, I find it makes the brazilian hair harsh and dry looking. I make stocking cap wigs so I can take it off each night. I shampoo my hair every weekend. I sometimes do a wet set or let it air dry and add some curls or not.

Since I don’t wear the brazilian hair bundles black I don’t know how much of the curl pattern remains after being shampooed. Of course when you color it, the hair will become straight for the most part because you are massaging it to work the color in.

However, when the brazilian hair is shampooed and air dried it still has a nice wave pattern, not as deep as out of the package but you don’t have to do anything to it if you don’t want to. The hair stays soft and healthy looking. Every now and then I add a dab of hair polisher for a little extra sheen or a little spritz to hold in place on windy days.

brazilian hair uk


Brazilian Straight Hair 4 Bundles with Closure

I was skeptical about purchasing brazilian hair from net or any unknown company, but I decided to give the hair a try. Once I purchased the hair from net, to my surprise in came the very next day.

Once I opened the beautiful package, I first noticed that the hair was in great condition. The hair flowed like no other straight out of the packaging and had no harsh smells.

I washed the brazilian hair  bundles with a non expensive, sulfate free shampoo and conditioner and let it air dry. The hair then went from bone straight to a texture similar to African American relaxed hair that had just been washed and air dried.

I have had the hair bundles installed for a week so far and I absolutely Love, Love, Love it!!!!!!! I will definitely order again and recommend everyone on a budget to do the same!!! Ann helped me and sent me hair tips throughout the process and was a big help.

brazilian hair uk

Brazilian Remy Hair Straight Lace Front Human Hair Wigs For Black Women

I ordered it in twelve inches and all I can say is I am very satisfied and ecstatic with my purchase the brazilian hair cake very fast it arrived, the hair is very soft no shedding at all even after washing blow drying and falt ironing the hair does amazing with the heat of a flat iron and hot comb.

It has a lot of body and flowyness I can honestly say this is the best hair I have ordered ever i definitely recommend anyone contemplating buying this brazilian hair uk to buy it because you will not regret it and the service is amazing.

The seller stayed in contact with me every step of the way in the delivery process the seller was very nice and kind and very respectful I love love love this experience and this human hair.

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Human Hair Water Wave Bundles With Closure Brazilian Water Wave Virgin Hair 3 Bundles

I have purchased from this vendor 3 times so far. This brazilian hair is soft, full, and has beautifully defined waves. There is very minimal shedding when brushing it out and a bit of frizz which should be expected of a curlier hair, but mousse helps to tame that. There was NO tangling or matting, even when wet, I often detangled while it was wet and braided it at night. Even after bleaching and coloring the hair was still soft and manageable but the curls did fall slightly.

As someone who would rather not have any leave out, the closure is extremely important for versatility and styling — I was very happy with the quality of this closure it allowed for lots of different hairstyles, was easy to install and the color was light enough that I didn’t feel the need to bleach the knots. It did begin to thin a little bit in the towards the end of the second/ beginning of the third month of the sew-in install.

The brazilian hair bundles looks extremely natural and it will turn heads and you will be showered with compliments from an array of people. Quality curly hair is hard to find on with so many different vendors and people reviewing product so when you find a yourself a good one, that has consistent quality with each order you stick with it! And this is definitely my personal favorite curly/water wave hair that I have ever purchased through Amazon. Excuse me while I place order number 4!

100% Unprocessed Virgin Human Hair 3 Bundles Weave

So I’ve had this hair in for 4 days now and it’s amazing . First off the hair came the day after i ordered it and after taking it out the package i fell in love with how soft and silky it was . It didn’t have a smell or odor to it which was a plus . I co washed the hair and let it air dry over night.

When the hair is wet it does wave a little but once i flat ironed it it went bone straight and it was even softer and silkier after i washed it .this hair hasn’t even tangled on me not once even if i don’t brush it throughout the day. For the price of the hair and the quality i am very impressed that i paid little to nothing and got some really really good brazilian hair.

I will be ordering again in the future . I’m glad i took a chance and didn’t pay too much attention to other reviews and tried it for myself ! I’m very satisfied.