Top Quality:Tangle Free,Shedding Free, Soft Hair,Double Weft with Thick Hair;Hair Can be Styled,Cut,Colored,Highlighted,Treated Just Like Your Own Hair

This wig is easy to style, looks great, and kept my head warm during the outdoor event in December when I last wore it. The adjustable straps inside the wig make it easy to fit to my head and keep it snugly in place without having to fiddle with it constantly. And no matter how I keep styling it, a quick brush it all it seems to take to get it to look neat again. The little patch of “scalp” on the top is a nice touch for realism, too. I sat right next to someone who was taller than me and they had no clue I was wearing a wig.

The wig I received was a natural black color & a neutral black. There are no undertones in my wig. The actual hair looks VERY realistic & natural. The quality & thickness blew me away. I tested this wig outside under harsh sunlight & under fluorescent lights & you can’t see any of the black mesh underneath. This wig has so much hair on it & it does not have a fake shine to it. The sheen on the wig is perfect, not too shiny & not flat. Its just right! The layers are gorgeous. The only adjustments I made, was to cut about 5 inches from the bottom & trim the side swept bangs a bit. The wig looks like 100% real natural hair in all lighting..

I bought two of these in black for a costume i’m in the process of making. I didn’t expect that for such a low price. There wasn’t a tangle to be found and even after putting one on and doing some hair flips for fun it still 。I’ve seen much lower quality wigs sell for way more money in the name of cosplay. Save yourself the cash and go for this instead. you won’t be disappointed.

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