Brazilian Hair Virgin Unprocessed Straight Human Hair

Looks like relaxed or hair that has been silk pressed. It blends great with my hair and looks very natural. I prefer to wear original sew in without closures. To keep the body I just shampoo and condition the hair, avoiding the usage of other hair products. Generally I deep condition once a month. I have had this hair up for 12 weeks (I keep the hair in for six weeks then take it down shampoo, deep condition my hair, then oil my scalp. Afterwards I reinstalled the hair for the remaining six weeks) I will be taking this hair down making sure to deep condition before I put it away until the next time I decide to wear it again.

I had minimal shedding but I also did the flip over method instead of cutting the weds. If you want your hair very full u will need to get 4 or more bundles depending on head size. I also colored it and it held up but do be aware that it makes the hair shed more than usual.

I dyed it black, and it took the color very well! The hair didn’t get tangled during/after shampooing and conditioning! I’m actually shocked at how well it’s done so far, only because of how affordable it was! I’m getting it installed/ cut into a bob tomorrow, so I didn’t want to spend a ton of money but I did want quality hair!

Brazilian Virgin Hair Deep Wave Extensions 100% Unprocessed Human Hair Weave

I love this hair. I’ve had it in for 2 weeks and there has been no tangling or shedding, even after I dyed the hair and cut the wefts.

It is short of course and you would want to dye the net to your skin tone and color. It is thick enough for my taste and the value for the price is spot on. It even came with cute little extra’s something you won’t get at the local hair store. No smell and baby hairs.

This hair is beautiful to look at and to touch. Nice and soft ringlet curls. So far no shedding and tangling. Curls are beautiful. Wasn’t too bad to blend with my natural 4c hair. Hair is pretty big. I used two packs 10 and 12. Hair is full. Still have two packs left. Bundles actually came with four not three. I recieved two 8 inch bundles. I didn’t wraps the hair completely. Just my edges and hair is still beautiful. I will wash and play around with the hair more. I don’t have any plans to dye hair or straighten. I do twist hair or braid at night to keep from tangles and to manage hair.

This hair is excellent. Very nice, soft, curly and manageable. There was a factory odor, but the cowash took care of that. It is curly hair so the little shedding is to be expected.

Tape in Extensions Ombre Brazilian Hair Balayage Extensions Human Hair

I am extremely impressed by these extensions. I have been wearing clip in extensions for about 5 years, and shopping for them online is always scary. I took a chance in these, and I am so glad I did. This is my first time wearing tape in extensions, and I will never go back!! They were easy to apply (myself) and the tape is extremely durable. They look and feel natural, and the quality of the hair is amazing! I have shampooed and conditioned, blow dried and curled, and they have held up beautifully.

I was afraid of not being able tobsee the color of the hair in person but the hair looks just like the picture of it on line. My own hair is brown (medium) with dark blonde highlights. I have worn glue in extension in the past and would always go wih a #6 or a 6 mixed wih 27 would be perfect for me bit based off the pics of hhe hair I thought the selection I made would be best.

I couldnt expect a better match than what I got. I installed the hair myself and it was easy. I’ve never done it before. With glue in wefts I use just one pack. I dont like a very thick look. Im mixed white and black and my hair is naturally curly but easy to straighten and I always wear it straight. On my natural hair I usually only use a gloss serum and or a little bit of an oil so we will see how it goes.

100% Unprocessed Brazilian Virgin Human Hair Weave Extensions

This Brazilian Hair Extensions is beautiful, very soft and most importantly 100% human hair I did the test to burn a thread and if it smells human hair apart I already have experience with human hair because all my extentions are human many, thanks very nice hair.

I recently used this hair extensions uk and I love it!!! I got it and that was awesome to me because that is rare. But when I got the hair it was nicely packaged. The hair was true to length, super soft, and did not have a smell at all. I boil out any hair that I buy to check for dyes and to clean the hair and this hair did not bleed at all!! It had had little to no shedding and everything has been great so far!!

This hair is by far amazing it doesn’t shed at all when you brush it. Bundles are thin at first but they thicken up over time. I will definitely be buying this hair again it’s so naturally looking it really does something beautiful to girls if darker color.

Remy Human Hair Clip in Extensions Natural Black

When you look at the overall quality of the hair, strength and durability of the clips, and the price, the product is REALLY good. The hair is unbelievably soft. It does not shed or have any kind of smell. The color is also not one-dimensional so it looks and moves like touchable, real hair. I’ll admit I was VERY surprised because the hair looked like one thin weft in the package…and I almost returned it until I decided to just open it up and try them out. The clips were secure, tight, and held up great.

It is a little darker than my natural hair, but once they are in throughout my hair, the color difference isn’t too noticeable.

I loved the easy clips. Stays in place. I have shoulder length bob that is growing out. These extensions have me a little more length to even out the back. Only thing I did not like was the color I have dark black hair the listing says it is black but it really is brown. I am however going to continue to use. I love the change!

Overall, they are good extension. These hair extensions are very good quality.

Tie Up Ponytail Clip in Hair Extensions Hairpiece Binding Pony Tail Extension

I absolutely love this hair extension, it matches my original hair color to a T. I was just looking for something to make my ponytail more full and I honestly didn’t expect this product to even match my hair and that I would probably just end up throwing it out. I have a very hard hair color to match but when I applied this extension to my ponytail myself and my roomates couldn’t even tell what was my hair versus the extension! I’ll include some pictures of how it looks after getting it just right. I must warn you, you cannot tighten your ponytail after putting this in, it’s just gotta stay as is.

I used two no slip grip ponytials to hold my hair up because my hair is already long and thick. I’m assuming if you use hot heat it will melt. When brushing start at the bottom and work your way up, use a comb (not a brush). After you’ve secured the three prong anchor into your ponytail I suggest wrapping the strings around twice and tying a bow under your ponytail (do not make a knot, i did this once and it was almost impossible to get undone). Now, this might be confusing to explain but parts of the mesh that the hair is woven into jutted out a bit making it look kinda unnatural.

I fixed this issue by using mini bobby pins to tuck these pieces back into my ponytail and secured them to the no slip grin band. Then take a pice of the extension (i used the hair extension uk for this part since some of my hair is broken and not exactly even in length) and wrap it around the ponytail at least three times and secure the end along with the ribbon bow on the back of your head, under the ponytail, with a bobby pin.

Buy Brazilian Remy Hair Extensions for Instant Hair Length and Beauty

Women who buy Remy hair extensions, especially those that originate in Brazil, can enjoy a quick method of adding more length and volume to their hair. These extensions are available in clip in forms or in weft form. These aforementioned types can be sewn in or glued into one’s hair. Weaves for short hair are also being applied with increasing frequency by using the new Brazilian hair extensions method. This method involves attaching extensions to a woman’s hair with small elastic bands. Also, this new and innovative process is considered less damaging than other methods of extension application.

Regardless of how these new beauty products are affixed onto a woman’s head, the quality is quite hard to surpass. The most popular form of Brazilian Remy is curly. However, if a woman decides she would like to have straight hair one day, it is possible to flat iron her new tresses and achieve the exact look she desires without adding any heat at all to her natural tresses. These extensions are available in two different forms: virgin Brazilian tresses and standard Brazilian Remy tresses. Virgin Brazilian hair is some of the most sought after hair in the world by celebrities and average women alike.

Virgin Brazilian Remy hair has not been processed or chemically treated in any manner whatsoever. It is capable of being dyed or chemically processed as other human hair extensions are, but hair stylists prize it for its natural shine and the slight wave it contains. In addition, there is prominent material used in the construction of curly Remy hair extensions. Since the cuticle of this type of hair is preserved intact and is unidirectional, using these Remy hair extensions minimizes the amount of tangling, abrading, and frizzing a woman might encounter with them.