Tie Up Ponytail Clip in Hair Extensions Hairpiece Binding Pony Tail Extension

I absolutely love this hair extension, it matches my original hair color to a T. I was just looking for something to make my ponytail more full and I honestly didn’t expect this product to even match my hair and that I would probably just end up throwing it out. I have a very hard hair color to match but when I applied this extension to my ponytail myself and my roomates couldn’t even tell what was my hair versus the extension! I’ll include some pictures of how it looks after getting it just right. I must warn you, you cannot tighten your ponytail after putting this in, it’s just gotta stay as is.

I used two no slip grip ponytials to hold my hair up because my hair is already long and thick. I’m assuming if you use hot heat it will melt. When brushing start at the bottom and work your way up, use a comb (not a brush). After you’ve secured the three prong anchor into your ponytail I suggest wrapping the strings around twice and tying a bow under your ponytail (do not make a knot, i did this once and it was almost impossible to get undone). Now, this might be confusing to explain but parts of the mesh that the hair is woven into jutted out a bit making it look kinda unnatural.

I fixed this issue by using mini bobby pins to tuck these pieces back into my ponytail and secured them to the no slip grin band. Then take a pice of the extension (i used the hair extension uk for this part since some of my hair is broken and not exactly even in length) and wrap it around the ponytail at least three times and secure the end along with the ribbon bow on the back of your head, under the ponytail, with a bobby pin.